We obtained pointers off my auto mechanic regarding speak and lifter activities

We obtained pointers off my auto mechanic regarding speak and lifter activities

  • Automated transmission
  • 128,848 kilometers

Dodge would not also communicate with me personally except if We took they so you can a good Dodge specialist thus i performed

He told me in the a national right back-buy that has been informed so you’re able to your because of the Dodge. This service membership technology took my suggestions and you will told you I would end up being straight to label Dodge again also to have them actually contact him. Ian from the “Dodge Customer support” was not very, really perfect off rude so you can both me personally and also the technology at the dealership to only tell us they certainly were perhaps not heading to do some thing given that “There aren’t any dilemmas with the his desktop” and to Vow I’m able to afford to repair it however, so you can thank me personally to be a dedicated Dodge customers.

I’m sure you’ll find issues with one system, especially that have cops Chargers however, 128,000 miles with the a made made use of truck that we reduced an excellent premium rate to have can offer me a paid output. There will be something completely wrong with that German made 5.eight.

Posting out of : Began as a cylinder 4 misfire. I altered the new coil package and spark-plug. Then went along to tube step 3 misfire, upcoming numerous so i altered all the coil packs and ignite plugs after which it it ran therefore crude it was ridiculous! Some thing over 3000 rpms otherwise it being forced to pull, shook in great amounts. I’ve had half a dozen Dodges but after that it can be new past.

1500 Laramie Longhorn 5.7L V8

  • Automated alert
  • 93,597 kilometers

It been that have a beneficial ticking appear to be a sewing machine. New warranty on the truck had already come to an end and you may l hardly ever really preferred bringing my personal vehicle into services dealership for example a serious pain in the butt. Have to make a scheduled appointment and you will wait for months locate the newest vehicle in the shop. So i inquire my pal the master of a body store whom I’m able to believe using my truck in which he informed me All the Expert Motor vehicle and you can Kennesaw Georgia. I seemed user reviews on store and you may proclaiming that he is actually really reliable. We got they so you can him and you will quickly he realized precisely what the problem was there’s zero I it will be so it or it will be you to. He told me I experienced a collapsed lifter into the # 6 tube the guy and additionally explained that i got broken manifold bolts and you may both parties one to contain the temperatures safeguards to your. He as well as told me that it’s possible that the latest camshaft provides been eat up and this he might augment the newest damaged screws toward manifold he had in order to bore new bond retains towards the the fresh new minds on both parties. So i kept the brand new truck to you two days after he had they repaired.

Told you however must buy new lifters regarding side even so they was in datingmentor.org/farmers-dating/ fact into the back acquisition and you will what type most likely good month to get the lifters. After two weeks the guy finally got lucky and you will got a grip of a few lifters grabbed my vehicle as well as put this new lifters towards passenger side. He changed them in a day and you will I will need my truck backup sounded high went simple due to the fact cotton and i also keeps my personal Hemi hp to regular.

Upcoming , 6 months later truck already been running rough lazy most rough Lee and you may wouldn’t speed. Examine engine light showed up on the and gave they error code from p1416 #6 cylinder misfire. Possible trouble bad MDS solenoid, bad ignition coil, lowest petroleum pressure from inside the count Cylinder 6, crappy crankshaft alarm otherwise camshaft alarm. These were conditions that I can resolve me so i changed new ignition coil not the situation including alter the crankshaft detector while the camshaft sensor maybe not the trouble.

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